Gin Goblins (2007)

by Gin Goblins

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released October 31, 2007


all rights reserved



Gin Goblins Edinburgh, UK


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Track Name: Hammerama
Prince of Darkness, Christopher Lee, Curse of the Werewolf, Oliver Reed
Old Dark House, Fear In The Night, Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde,
Devil Rides Out, Back From the Grave, Twins of Evil, Plague of the Zombies,
Hands of the Ripper, Hysteria, Taste of Fear and the Vampire Lovers


Quatermass and the Pit, Revenge of She and the Lost Continent,
Vampire Circus, Mummies Shroud, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed,
Peter Cushing, a fanatic, Michael Ripper, turning Paranoiac,
Jackie Pierce, she's a scream, Beware of Curse of the Cobra Queen

Track Name: Peepshow
There's something strange going in the funhouse,
Amazing stories brought to life,
It's best you stay away from the funhouse,
Close the door turn off the lights,

Feakshow, Peepshow, Geekshow, Creepshow

There's something strange going on the White House,
With phoney Bush and phoney Blair,
There's something strange going on the White House,
Armed monkeys everywhere

Feakshow, Peepshow, Geekshow, Creepshow
Track Name: I Dig Graves
You know what I like? I dig graves

You can see me in the churchyard when the clock strikes twelve
In the dark with my torch and my shovel as well
Jumping through the stones like a dog gone mad
If it's dead then it's good if it's living it's bad

Used to think I'm crazy, but I've seen the light
Rather be a deadbeat, 'cos it's out of sight
Dancing with the blind, 'cos the blind can see
Hope when I'm dead someone's digging me

They say revenge is sweet when it's eaten cold,
I'd rather eat the dead 'cos I love that mould,
One thing I know I'm damned if Jesus saves,
Cos the angels don't take kindly when you're digging graves

You know what I like, I dig graves
Track Name: Safe Area
What will you do, when evil looks at you
What will you say, when it stops and looks your way
Where will you go, when they come to burn you out
What will you be, something that's not allowed

What do you make of that, curiosity killed the cat
What do you make of this, there's always someone else to miss
Where will you crawl, when the bombs come raining down
When you are fucked, your friends are in the ground

Has it come to this, now you're trying to take the piss
Is it them you fear, don't want those bastard here
How can you sleep, when your hands are soaked with blood
Are you insane, or just devoid of love

You're just devoid of love
Where's your love
Track Name: Deadhead
Feeling mad and I'm getting sick
Needing something to give me a kick
Sex and violence, death and drugs
Keep reality cos it fucking sucks

Wanna try suicide
Deadhead's alright
What a chick, what a guy
Deadhead's alright

Wanna fuck, and I wanna scream,
Reading something in a magazine
Vampirella, Lady Death,
Constantine's in another fine mess

Wanna try suicide
Deadhead's alright
What a chick, what a guy
Deadhead's alright
Track Name: Sleepy Hollow
Come round my house, round about midnight
He got no head, yeah he'll give you a fright
People tell me, say it can't be true
There's no headless horseman, to chase after you

He got no head
Sleepy Hollow
Track Name: I Just Had A Thought
Lost, couldn't find my way
Didn't wanna cry, didn't wanna stay,
Voices in my head, reaching out for you
Wishing I was dead, wishing you were too

Last night, had a crazy dream
That life was just a ride, a homicidal scream
Then I had to wake it made me feel so bad
To know that deep inside, that everyone was sad

I love you, I hate you
Track Name: When Worlds Collide
Burn the flames, feel the darkness
Flood the night time, there's something out there
Don't be scared, Don't be frightened
Now's the rite time, there's something out there

The other day, upon the stairs
I met a man, who wasn't there
He wasn't there, again today
Oh I wish , he'd go away

Marianne, please tell me more
Marianne, there's something in here

When worlds collide

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